How We Work

STEP ONE:  An honest chat

The first step is a quick call where we can talk frankly about what's getting in the way of you being able to do your best work.

Together, we can sort through whether you're experiencing:

  • a volume issue (there's just too much work coming in overall)
  • a timing issue (there's too much hitting at once)
  • a directional issue (there are too many competing priorities)
  • an obstacle issue (there's something getting in the way)
  • an "I-hate-doing-this-stuff" issue (kind of self-explanatory, right?)
  • or whatever other reason things are getting clogged up

If I think that my team and I can help, we'll talk specifically about what that might look like and what you could expect.

STEP TWO:  Identifying quick wins

I believe in starting with quick wins to deliver some immediate relief, so we'll define a key project that's been weighing on you and we'll see how quickly we can knock that off your list.


  • Creation of a project plan for an upcoming event
  • Cleaning out a backlog of emails
  • Designing a welcome kit for new members
  • Creating a series of marketing emails
  • Transferring a spreadsheet of member information into an online database
  • Putting together a member survey or poll
  • Creating a content publication strategy
  • Creating initial social media profiles or developing an engagement campaign
  • Designing or redesigning a members-only site
  • Prep attendee lists, name tags, documentation packets for an upcoming event
  • Setting up meetings and manage your calendar
  • Handing travel arrangements on your behalf
  • Creating an online registration page for an upcoming meeting
  • Adding products to your website
  • Confirming speaking engagements and send prep packages
  • Creating and maintaining a contact management system
  • And much, much more!


STEP THREE:  Our team becomes your team

After the initial project, if it makes sense for our work to continue together, we'll do exactly that. Our team becomes your secret weapon, boosting your productivity and making sure that no details fall through the cracks.

Perhaps the best part about working with a team that is experienced in the nuances of membership programs is that you don't have to hold our hand through everything. We actually bring ideas and strategies to the table.  Plus, we're accustomed to working virtually, so we've already built systems that work for maximizing productivity with a virtual team. You don't have to figure everything out yourself, like you would if you worked with a novice.

For ongoing work, some of our clients like to have standing weekly calls. Others prefer a simple weekly report. We support either because we feel that these conversations are important for building a strong working relationship.

When communicating with others on your behalf, our team will use a special email address and signature that allow us to appear as a member of your team... generally stays invisible.

We will also provide you with an email to use when communicating with us. This ensures that all communications stay in our team dashboard, rather than being lost in any one person's email.



What Clients Say...

"Joy Duling and A 25 Hour Day have been a vital resource for the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition since we began in 2006.

With Joy’s help, AALC has grown and developed and is able to operate without a large staff. Joy works tirelessly on our behalf, is very responsive and has helped solve any issues we encounter from our logo, website, membership, bookkeeping and even strategic planning.

I am not sure we would exist without her capable help. I know we wouldn’t be as functional. I enthusiastically promote A 25 Hour Day!"

Wayne Smallwood
Executive Director
Affordable Assisted Living Coalition


"Joy and her team at A 25 Hour Day are professional, efficient, and talented.

Whether they are organizing events, coordinating meetings, formatting documents, or managing my schedule, I have the utmost confidence in their abilities.

They have given me so much more than an extra hour in my day; they have given me my work-life balance back.

If you are looking for a little or even a lot of extra assistance, I simply cannot recommend Joy and her team enough.

It is one of the best decisions I have made as a trade association executive director."

Samantha Olds Frey
Executive Director

IL Assoc of Medicaid Health Plan



We love what we do and can't wait to help.  We look forward to connecting with you soon.


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