Plan Your Membership Launch

An effective membership is about more than just the technology platform you choose. It's about understanding what your members want to experience and building your content and technology plan to deliver exactly that.

To get you launched quickly and effective, we can:

  • Recommend a technology approach that makes the most sense for your specific needs - membership technology can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it. We can point you to platforms that will work best for what you are trying to do.  
  • Help you think through your membership strategy - no two programs are ever quite alike.
  • Show you shortcuts and prevent pitfalls - we understand membership programs, so we know how to get the work done quickly.
  • Set up a membership site for you - when you choose a technology platform that our team knows well, we'll handle initial design and set-up of all the settings and the data imports for you.  If we don't support the specific platform you choose, we can refer you to a specialist for that tool.
  • Provide ongoing administrative support - if you need help managing your membership after launch, our team would be delighted to serve as your virtual secret weapon.

Still not sure what you want to do with your Membership or how you'll get people to join?  Consider our 4-week planning program: The Highly Profitable Membership Site Start-Up Program which covers the places that typically get people stuck - structure, technology, marketing and management - to get you LAUNCH-READY!  

            What Clients Say...

          What Clients Say...

"Joy has created a membership website for my association in less than two weeks!

The quality of what she has done is hands down the best support I've ever received. She has helped me think through offers and levels; helped me with branding; provided a wealth of ideas I would never have considered.  

I cannot recommend Joy highly enough."

Sandra Green, Founder
Women Leaders Association



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