Need Help Implementing Our Member Magnetism Model?

Want to attract, engage and retain more clients?  Our Member Magnetism model teaches you to create a truly magnetic member experience - planning for what will happen for prospects and members at 8 specific stages in their interaction with you.


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If you'd like help implementing what you learn in the course, partnering with our team can make it easy.  We'll help you design and implement all elements of your member experience plan.

The Member Magnetism model includes attention on:

  • Stage One:  Discovery - Help more prospects find you
  • Stage Two: Contemplation - Get prospects to join faster
  • Stage Three: Activation - Make the buying process easy
  • Stage Four: Onboarding - Warmly welcome
  • Stage Five: First 30 days - Engage early
  • Stage Six: Beyond 30 days - Continuous reinforce value
  • Stage Seven: Pre-renewal - Prep for re-engagement
  • Stage Eight: Post-renewal - Rekindle the relationship

Member Magnetism is a course like no other. It can create a turnaround for an underperforming association, while making a strong performer even better.

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what People Say About the MemberMagnetism course

"This course is a lot like membership in general. You have to put something into it to get value out of it.  It reminds me of when I was studying for the Certified Association Executive (CAE) exam and focusing on different modules of association management. Just a much more engaging way of studying membership."

Teresa Ransdell
Membership Coordinator
North American Nature Photography Association

"I'm a member of quite a few national groups where I hear nothing once I've joined and it leads me to wonder why I bothered. Then when I'm contacted, it's usually a generic communication which is very often a sales pitch to get even more money out of me. This membership programme is unique and has a depth and breadth of knowledge as to all the different membership touch points. You cannot help but grow your membership if you follow Joy's advice."

Sandra Green, Founder
Women Leaders Association