Examples of Support

Below, we introduce you to 5 real clients. You'll learn about their unique situations and support we've been able to give them. (Names are changed for privacy.)


Susan has been a client since 2014. She single-handedly runs an extremely busy association, splitting her time between an office in her home and a hotel room in Springfield when the legislature is in session. Susan was struggling with how to put administrative assistance in place when she really didn't have any place to house a new staff person. She also only had the budget to hire one person and she was concerned that one person might not have all the skills that would be needed to adequately support the association's diverse needs. Working with a25hourday.com has been a terrific fit because it provides a team-based approach, giving her a depth and breadth of expertise that she'd be unlikely to find by direct hiring. Working virtually has also given her the freedom to maintain her travel schedule while administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and managing committee emails happen automatically.  

Example Tasks:

  • Met with Susan by phone to flesh out a plan for the Association's upcoming Annual Meeting. This was turned into a formal project plan which was monitored weekly until the event.
  • Monitored a dedicated support email address for incoming communications from members. Responded as needed.
  • Formatted a fact sheet for Susan to use during an upcoming event.
  • Sent out committee meeting confirmations and cancellations to the master distribution lists that our team maintains for the association. Made corresponding changes to Susan's online calendar.
  • Contacted legislator offices from a list that Susan gave us to set up meetings for the two days that the association’s members will be in the State Capitol to lobby.
  • Created a summary schedule for an upcoming event. Distributed that schedule to the client's Board of Directors.
  • Made and confirmed Susan's lodging and dinner meeting reservations.
  • Compiled success stories from association members into a single Word document and saved the file to the association's shared folder.
  • Compiled data sent in from a member poll to a single spreadsheet. Saved the spreadsheet to the association's shared folder.
  • Listened in on a weekly recurring teleconference to capture key notes/assignments. Prepped summary for Susan.
  • Formatted Board meeting agenda and distributed full packet prior to the meeting.
  • Created an invitation for a client’s legislative reception. Made edits based on client feedback. Ordered invitations and had them shipped directly to the client’s headquarters.
  • Researched proper format for a formal Board resolution. Modified a client’s content to fit that format so that it could be presented at an upcoming Board meeting.
  • Responded to member questions about a client’s upcoming event.



Allen has been a client since 2005. Our work together began when his nonprofit was in start-up mode and involved creation of his initial branding - logo, letterhead and website. Over the years, Allen's organization has grown to the point that he utilizes our team as a complete back-office solution. Our virtual support model has worked beautifully for him for more than a decade. The reliable continuity of administrative assistance provided by our team has allowed Allen to focus his employee hiring on higher level program staff, instead of hiring and training administrative assistants. 

Example Tasks:

  • Made requested edits to organization's website
  • Set up new customers in contact database.
  • Monitored a dedicated support email address for incoming communications from customers. Responded as needed.
  • Formatted email blasts to send to appropriate segments of his mailing list. 
  • Reviewed orders in the online shopping cart to confirm companies that had paid to sponsor an upcoming event. Provided Allen with a summary list.
  • Created a summary report of all website orders, event registrations and membership renewals that had occurred during previous month for the organization's bookkeeper. 
  • Created a summary report of purchases occurring during the previous quarter for revenue sharing with a strategic alliance partner.
  • Responded to an email from a customer about a product that arrived broken from the distributor. Made sure that the problem was resolved to the customer's satisfaction.
  • A Springfield-based member of our team ran by the office twice weekly to check the in-basket and deposit payments that were sent in by mail instead of being made online via credit card.
  • Another member of our team received a copy of all payments included in each deposit. She marked corresponding invoices and shopping cart orders as paid so that these records would stay in sync with the paper transactions received. 
  • Prepped and distributed invoices for customers who are in monthly or quarterly programs
  • Sent outstanding invoice reminders
  • Made updates to shopping cart to reflect accurate inventory levels
  • Provided support to a customer who wanted to add additional items to her order. This involved setting up new coupon codes in the online shopping cart and communicating that code to the customer. She was then able to place a new order which we added to the previous one.


Megan's company has been supported by our team since 2009, starting with planning the membership program from scratch. Today, support is narrowly focused on systems for member attraction and for a special two-year project that involves a lot of data entry, invoicing and reporting.

Example Tasks:

  • Monitored key sources for good articles/information to post to the company's social media sites.
  • Made website updates.
  • Added contact information to prospect marketing database. Researched correct office locations and added missing information (like zip codes). 
  • Distributed a Direct Mail marketing piece to the targeted list created above.
  • Added contacts to the company's contact management system.
  • Produced and sent monthly invoices.



Paul's association has been a client since 2008. He was initially referred for the set-up of a new association website and member portal. When comparing what was offered by our team to the proposals by website vendors, Paul felt that it was best to partner with a company that specialized in providing broader support specifically for associations. We occasionally make updates such as those listed here for only a small maintenance fee. Paul occasionally calls for help on issues the association is facing and we are happy to point him to resources that fit his problem.

Example Tasks:

  • Updated the association's membership application and posted online.
  • Updated the association's management system to reflect new contacts and staffing changes.
  • Compiled research documents into a shared folder for easier access by an association work group.


Phil's association was referred by their lobbyist to our team to help them transition from paper-based invoicing to a less stressful online member management process. Our work together streamlined the process required to send hundreds of invoices each year and integrated credit card processing. While Phil was technologically savvy enough to maintain the system once it was in place, the initial transition was simply more than could be handled.

Example Tasks:

  • Reviewed the association's current processes for handling membership sign-ups and renewals.
  • Designed a beautiful new website for the association with a robust member management system built-in for member management and communication.
  • Integrated credit card processing so that members could pay online and have those payments automatically recorded.
  • Imported all current members and contact information.
  • Trained the association's secretary/treasurer on how to use the new tools.
  • Made a model available through which the association can offer the same technology to local chapters. This would not only serve to support modernization of the local chapters, but also provide an additional revenue stream for the association.



Barbara is an author and speaker who travels frequently and needs a team that can oversee her membership website and provide consistent customer support while she's on the road. 

Example Tasks:

  • Monitored Facebook groups for questions and to support Barbara's brand messaging
  • Created product photos
  • Uploaded new books to her shopping cart
  • Made digital products available for download
  • Added relevant sales copy to website
  • Posted sale prices for special promotions
  • Proofread speaker sheets
  • Updated head shots and product photos online

The real-world examples illustrate the flexibility that our support model allows. You simply choose the level that best suits your level of needs.  

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