New Resource: Stress-Free Association Webinars

Recently, we've been helping a new client get their webinar series transferred over to be supported by our team. Every month, their association hosts at least two such events and that's in addition to live events that happen every quarter. Because the planning cycle for a webinar really should begin at least 6 weeks ahead of the launch date, there's a lot of overlap and a lot of moving parts that need to be coordinated.

As the founder of the association talked about everything that she'd been doing to find speakers, get technology set up and market these events, I realized that her association webinars have created a huge burden on her time every month and that certainly isn't the best use of her time!

Obviously, outsourcing all of this stuff to our team is going to make a big difference for her, but it got me thinking about how to make the webinar process easier for others, too. So, I put together a Webinar-in-a-Box toolkit that contains all of the cheat sheets, fill-in-the-blank checklists and scripts I could think of!

Here's what I came up with:

1.    Webinar Timing Planner
2.    Tracking Sheet for Assigning Webinar-Associated Work
3.    Assistant Checklist
4.    Checklist to Locate Guest Speakers
5.    Guest Invitation Template
6.    Potential Guest Follow-Up
7.    Press Release Template
8.    Blog Post
9.    Facebook Announcement
10.   Final Reminder
11.    Twitter Post #1
12.    Twitter Post #2
13.    Webinar Service Comparison Chart
14.    Webinar Email Announcement
15.    Webinar Email Reminder for Attendees
16.    Webinar Email Reminder for Speakers
17.    Webinar Thank You to Attendees
18.    Webinar Thank You for Speaker(s)

If you have a webinar challenge that is not addressed by the tools above, contact us and let me know. Over the years, we've done A LOT of webinars, so if I have a resource that easily addresses that challenge, I may be able to add it in. 

Click here to see the Webinar-in-a-Box.