Top Concerns as Reported By Association Leaders

Over the past few weeks, I've been asking association leaders who download one of the resources from our website to share their top challenge and/or most time-consuming administrative task.  I sat down this weekend to peruse the list of submissions and I was amazed at the common themes that emerged.

Here are the most-often cited concerns...

  • Maintaining regular communication with members
  • Managing events
  • Maintaining consistent marketing/outreach
  • Engaging sponsors
  • Creating newsletters
  • Making accounting easier
  • Making audit preparation easier
  • Handling new member applications
  • Completing employee evaluations
  • Finding time to hire and train a support person
  • Implementing communication software
  • Building an active Board
  • Addressing fees that prevent people from joining/renewing
  • Helping members see value from their membership

Do any of these issues feel familiar?

If yes, stay tuned for some absolutely *TERRIFIC* content that's going to be coming your way. Over the next few weeks, I'm committing to respond to these concerns with practical strategies that will help you build your association and run it with greater ease.